For Female Nutrition and Fitness Business Owners, Influencers, And Brand Builders

The Evolution 

How To Organically ScaleYour Fitness/Nutrition Business To 6 Figures Per Month And Speak On More Stages

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Here’s What We’ll Cover On Your Evolve Qualification Call

After you’ve filled out your application, you’ll be taken to a calendar to book your Evolve Qualification Call.

The goal of this call our goal is to learn 3 things about you before you join the mastermind.
Are you hosting group classes? Working as an online coach? Do you own a gym? Do you have a fitness business yet?

There are different strategies to scale your business depending on where you’re starting out. So identifying exactly where you’re starting is our first priority.   
Imagine what your dream business looks like.

Do you have coaches working for you? Do you work in person or online? Do you host live events?

Getting crystal clear on what you want your DREAM business scenario to look like will guide you in building your brand and scaling your business. 
Most business owners are capable of 10x’ing their business in 12 months or less when they follow a proven business framework.

That’s why we put a lot of emphasis on helping new mastermind members map out their very own “Evolved Business Roadmap” to guide you over the next 6-12 months so you can see lasting results for your business.

But what do “lasting results” look like?

Well, just take Claude’s incredible success since she signed up for business coaching with me for example.

Claude started in my Functional Wellness Coaching Program where we helped her heal her gut by taking a root cause approach to her health.
Her results were INCREDIBLE.
But healing her body was only the first step in Claude’s journey.

Since then Claude has started working with me in my business coaching mastermind and has evolved into an impressive entrepreneur.

Like she says in the video below, we were able to DOUBLE her income with just ONE MONTH of coaching!

But that’s not all…

As of today, Claude’s business has even generated a record 100k month!

So how’d she do it?

She followed the proven framework I gave her to grow her business.

Just listen to what she has to say for yourself👇

Meet The Creator Of
The Evolution Mastermind

Hi, my name is Rachel Scheer.

I’m the Founder and CEO of Rachel Scheer Nutrition, a multiple 7-figure Functional Wellness Coaching business with over 3,000 transformation stories.

Today I spend most of my time either running my multiple 7-figure Functional Nutrition business, or giving stage presentations to entrepreneurs around the country on how to grow their own businesses.
But just a few years ago my life was very different…

I remember back in last 2018 when I was making $6,000/month from my first in-person 1-1 health coaching business.

$6,000/month was A LOT of money to me back then. So you can only imagine how proud of myself I was when I checked my bank account in late 2019 and saw that I had saved over $25,000.

That was the most money I’d ever had in my bank account. I felt like a success! 
My clients loved working with me…

My bills were paid…

And I felt like things were going to keep growing…

But I didn’t know that 2020 would rock the world and change everything.

When the pandemic hit, I had to sit by and watch as my income from my in-person coaching business disappeared.
I went from making $6,000/month…

To $4,000/month…

To $2,500/month…

And that’s when I started to panic.

The way I knew how to do business was DYING.

I had to find a new way to coach clients, or pretty soon I wasn’t going to have any income left.

That’s when I met my first business coach.

He told me he would show me how to scale my business in the middle of a pandemic…

It would just cost $50,000

I’m sorry, what???

I didn’t have $50,000 to hire a business coach. Just the $25,000 of savings I’d diligently saved up after being in business for almost 2 years working 1-1 with my clients.

But even though $50,000 was way out of my price range, I KNEW I needed a coach.

So I wired him my entire savings account on the phone for a $25,000 down payment…
Then I came back 30 days later with a loan for another $25,000 to start coaching together.

It was the biggest investment I’d ever made.

I had no choice but to make it work, because my income from my in-person business was virtually gone. And if this didn’t work, I’d be $25,000 in debt with no income.

So I went ALL IN.

1 year later I made $600,000.

2 years later I had my first million-dollar year.

3 years later I scaled my business to multiple 7-figures and built an awesome team of coaches to support my clients.

Now today I speak on stages all across the country teaching other business owners how to do the SAME THING I did…

Generate 6 figures/month of income organically from your nutrition or fitness business WITHOUT paid ads or marketing gimmicks. 
So if you’ve ever wanted to scale your business to create real WEALTH and LASTING IMPACT…

You’re the exact reason I created The Evolution Mastermind.

This mastermind is a passion project I’ve wanted to build for other female entrepreneurs for a long time now.

And now it’s finally a reality that is helping women transform their businesses to generate more INCOME and create more IMPACT.

Take Michelle’s story for example👇
Before signing up for my business coaching, Michelle had worked with many coaches and been in many masterminds.

But, like she says in her video below, she’s never seen as good of results working with anyone until she joined The Evolution Mastermind.

Within the first 3 months of coaching together, Michelle and I managed to double her business income and map out a 3 year goal of how to build her current business into her DREAM business.

But don’t just take my word for her success, listen to what Michelle has to say for yourself👇
Have you ever wanted to get results like Michelle or Claude?

If so, you need to know that IT IS POSSIBLE when you follow the right roadmap to get you there.

So if you are an ambitious woman committed to growing a profitable fitness or nutrition business ORGANICALLY…

Then The Evolution Mastermind is for you.

So What Exactly Do You Get In The Evolution Mastermind? 

I built The Evolution Mastermind to be a women’s business group where Master-Minds could come together to scale PROFITABLE and POWERFUL businesses that create IMPACT.

Here’s everything I’ve put together to help you do it👇
As a member of The Evolution Mastermind, you’ll be invited to join live coaching calls with me every other week.

That is 2 calls per month.

1 call will be hosted by me…

1 call will be hosted by a guest speaker I bring in to teach you what’s working in their business RIGHT NOW.

These calls are where you’ll come to learn new information and tactics like:
What you’ll learn on these calls will give you EVERYTHING you need to scale your business quickly.

But that’s just one part of The Evolution Mastermind. 
“Your alignments create your assignments. And when you get around the right people, in the right place, at the right time, incredible things happen.”
That’s one of my favorite quotes from my pastor Keith Craft.

It means that who and what you choose to align with will lay out the path for your future.

And when you are surrounded by a group of ambitious, business-oriented women who are serious about creating brands of impact…

It’s inevitable that you will align with them on a group mission to increase your impact, grow your profit, and scale your brand as well.

I call it “good peer pressure”.

Like a rising tide raises all ships, as women in The Evolution Mastermind grow, YOU will grow as well.

When you are surrounded by successful people, you have no choice but to become more successful by default. 
When you join The Evolution Mastermind, you’ll be invited to join our private Facebook Group with access to me, and everyone else in the mastermind.

I’ll be going live in this group every week to share business tips and motivation, but like I said above, this is not a business group where you will only learn from me.

This is a Sisterhood of Master-Minds that you will get direct access to through this Facebook Group.

Some of the most profitable connections of your business career will be made in online communities just like this.

When powerful women come together, sometimes the right alignments are made for EXPLOSIVE growth.

But those moments of growth won’t happen unless you are in contact with other women looking to grow just like you.

This Facebook Group will open a line of communication to the “who not how” people you need to grow your business.
Having access to a community of high performers is the foundation of success for every high-level entrepreneur.

After years of working in the health space, I have connections with some of the top business leaders in the industry.

I’m in contact with people like Dr. Gabrielle Lyon, Amberly Lago, Bedros Keuillian, Dr. Amy Shah, Sal Di Steffano, Vince Del Monte, Phil Heath, and many more leading health entrepreneurs.

As you grow and develop in The Evolution Mastermind, you will get to meet and get in contact with people that can help you quantum leap to the next level.
I am a product of person-to-person interaction.

From building my first business as a face-to-face 1-1 coaching group…

To hiring my first coach and flying to California to work with him 1-1…

To attending countless live business events across the country as a speaker and attendee…

I know that nothing can spark creativity and productivity like person-to-person connection.

That’s why I will be hosting 3 LIVE Evolution Mastermind Events every year for members.

I’ve organized these events to build off of each other every year to develop you as a speaker, and entrepreneur. 

Here’s how it will work:

Event 1:


Most business owners and visionaries know where they want to go, they just don’t exactly how to get there.

This is why our first event of the year will focus on CLARITY.

Specifically, this event will revolve around unearthing your unique story and tying it into your brand. 
Event 2:


Our second event will be dedicated to creating the foundation of your dream business.

We’ll dissect your business structure, analyze your acquisition strategies, improve and build off of your current offers, and even talk about hiring new talent to grow your business. 
The reason this event is so important is because most entrepreneurs skip this step and regret it later.

They start growing and things go well, but if you haven’t taken the time to create the foundation, your business will break further down the road.

So this second event is all about creating your foundation so you can build the business of your dreams WITHOUT worrying that things are going to fall apart 3-5 years down the road. 
Event 3:


This will be our biggest event of the year.

For this event our main focus will be creatine alignments that compound your results (some people call this “creating leverage”).

What time independent opportunities are available to you that can grow your business and increase your revenue?
We’ll be talking about podcasting…

Audience creation and growth…

Different social media platforms…

And, my personal favorite, STAGE PRESENTATIONS.

For this final event, members will get their own opportunity to speak on stage and tell their unique story to their peers.

The other 2 events leading up to this will have prepared you for this. And after you “graduate” speaking on stage at our Evolution Mastermind Event, you’ll be ready to use the pictures of you on stage at our event to book your next speaking gig…

Then your next speaking gig…

And maybe even compound into you hosting your OWN event some day.

Every one of The Evolution Mastermind Events will have guest speakers, brainstorm groups, hot seats, and member’s only “out of business hours” fun group activities as well.

Every event is crafted to give you the information, support, and guidance you need to become an Evolved Entrepreneur.

All details for the event times and places are shared with members in our private Facebook Group. 

Who SHOULD NOT Apply For “Evolution Mastermind”? 

Please DO NOT apply to join the Evolution Mastermind if you:

Apply For “Evolution Mastermind”? 

Please ONLY apply to join The Evolution Mastermind if you:

Who SHOULD NOT Apply For “Evolution Mastermind”? 

Please DO NOT apply to join the Evolution Mastermind if you:

Apply For Evolution Mastermind? 

Please ONLY apply to join The Evolution Mastermind if you:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will I get to work directly with Rachel in The Evolution Mastermind?


You’ll get weekly LIVE content from me on group coaching calls, Facebook lives, and get to spend time live with me at our Evolution Mastermind Event to talk all about how to scale your business!

2. What’s the investment to join The Evolution Mastermind?

I made The Evolution Mastermind as a more affordable group coaching alternative to 1-1 business coaching with me.

I charge $30,000/year for 1-1 coaching, but The Evolution Mastermind is a fraction of that.

It’s possible that prices will change depending on what time you’re applying for this, but the approximate monthly investment is about the same as most people’s rental payment per month.

A very reasonable investment given that you’ll be learning exactly how I scaled my business to 6-figures/month organically and getting live support from me showing you how to do the same thing. 

3. I’ve been in other business groups before. How do I know if The Evolution Mastermind is the right fit for me?

The short answer is that I can’t tell if if it’s the right fit for you or not.

Only you can know what’s right for you…

I can simply give you the tools and resources you need to make the decision to help you grow your business.
But here is what I know…

Every dollar I have felt called to make on coaches, courses, and masterminds has come back to me 10x, 100x, or even 1000x.

So if you want to work with me in The Evolution Mastermind, book a call right now and pursue it.

We might be a good fit to work together, or we might not…

But no matter what you’ll get value from your call and get clarity on what you need your next steps to be.